La beaute des parties oubliees

On D-20 on Christmas Day, the dresses will shorten, the necklines will play the minimalist, and the pair of gloves will leave room for the rings.
In this almost pacifist and activist approach, it would be necessary to profit from it to rely on the beauty of areas often forgotten (cleavage, hands). The cleavage is an area of ​​the same importance as the face or the hands, since the neckline frequently exposes itself to broad daylight. It is therefore unfortunately subjected to photoaging, the tasks appear suddenly, it is strewn with fine lines which will sometimes mark a big difference between the skin of the face which can be smooth because maintained. It is therefore the opportunity to discuss or be offered the treatments offered at the Clinique Esthétique des Sables d’Olonne.

The peeling combines perfectly with the mesotherapy to guarantee the cleavage of the radiance. The fruit acid peel unifies and smoothes the skin texture. Mesotherapy brings a moisturizing and antioxidant cocktail (the results are spectacular on the necklines marked by too long solar exposures).
The SkinBoosters are used at the Clinique Esthétique des Sables d’Olonne to plump the skin of the décolleté in depth. With this treatment the skin texture improves, it is more elastic and firmer.
And what do you do for your hands? Because in the same way as the rest of the body they suffer the damages of UV radiation. They are vulnerable to dehydration, they lose material to leave room for veins and veins …
We can remedy this by using hyaluronic acid to plump them and peel them to clear the stains.
Let us not forget the power of the Medisol LED panel on the cleavage, rejuvenation guaranteed!