Former member of the Departmental Council of the Ordre des médecins and the main scientific societies in cosmetic and plastic surgery: SOFCPRE (French Society of Plastic Surgery and Repair), SOFCEP (French Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery) and ISAPS (International Society of Surgery Plastic), I was recently elected vice president of SOFCEP for a presidency in 2020. I opened in 2006 the Clinique Esthétique to offer my patients all the facets of my specialty in surgery and aesthetic medicine but also m Surrounded by specialists working in prevention, well-being and beauty. Finally, the plastic surgeon is the expert in aesthetics, which allows him to choose for you the best therapeutic options: from medical treatments to surgery.

My only aim is to make your visit here as pleasant as possible. »

In order to make your stay in the clinic even more pleasant, I have arranged comfortable rooms for all your cosmetic operations. For all injection or peelings/laser, I have also introduced a “cocooning”area in La Clinique Esthétique. Various protocols are at your disposal : scar healing techniques through surgery, cosmetics protocols and also anti aging medical treatments.

Finally, plastic surgery is not just limited to the surgery alone because the associated surgeries such as reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and cosmetic and anti aging medecines are also closely linked, all of which competences are covered by the plastic surgeon

In this way, the overall rejuvenation of the patient must include :

  • Supplementary foodstuffs and efficient anti aging creams
  • Radio frequencies such as « radiage »
  • Peelings or lasers treatments
  • Filling in wrinkles per injections of hyaluronic acid
  • Reducing the tenseness responsible for various wrinkles such as crow's feet by botulinic toxins of which the main one use is botox (pathological used for more than 20 years)
  • Lipostructure or modeling according to Coleman or the use of hyaluronic acids such as Voluma to bulk out the volume of the face
  • The light therapy with the LED of MEDISOL
  • PRP (plasma rich in platelets): technique of facial rejuvenation, cleavage and regrowth of hair

In the search for harmony both of the body and the spirit, the whole concept of La Clinique Esthétique has been born by a holistic approach forming an integral part of a humanistic medicine.

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