Silhouette Surgery

Body Lipostructure

The reinjection of autologous fat  / Lipostructure® / lipomodelling

This is a real living cells graft. Provided that the technique is effective and the grafting is successful, cells will be transplanted within the organism.

This qualifies the lipostructure technique as permanent since the transplanted adiposecells will live as long as the surrounding tissues.

Lipostructure Silhouette Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée

Lipostructure (lipomodelling or reinjection of autologous fat) belongs to two large surgical categories, which are characterized as follows:


Aesthetic applications to:

  • Fill and reduce certain wrinkles, such as face wrinkles
  • Restore the « fullness » of a thinned face or during the first stages of face ageing
  • Restore face volumes and forms; it can for instance involve the restoration of a face emaciated by ageing
  • Complete certain cervico-facial lifts and improve the harmony of the face
  • Secondarily, after a first lift, improve the curve of the face’s middle part without having to go through with a second lift


Applications in corrective and reconstructive surgery to:

  • Fill a dip in tissue following trauma
  • Correction of unevenness following a lipoaspiration
  • Correction of fat breakdown in HIV positive patients following tritherapy
  • Reconstruct breasts


In reconstructive surgery applications, the costs of lipostructure may be coveredby the national health insurance under certain conditions.