Facial Rejuvenation

Centrofacial Lifting

Lifting centro-facial Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée

The centrofacial lifting restores the central and superior part of the face which is the most characteristic of youth. It is an innovative concept and the most effective for face rejuvenation.

The centrofacial liftingis considered when the patient in front of the mirror wishes to correct certain flaws linked to ageing and usually located towards the top of the cheekbones

The centrofacial lifting does not aim to modify features, but to place the anatomicalstructures back into a younger position. 

This procedure can be combined with other facial aesthetic surgery procedures, such as face lipostructure and neck lift. It can also be completed by medico-surgical therapies (dermabrasion, laser, peel, botulinum toxin injection, filler injection such as hyaluronic acid). 

The centrofacial lifting is not suitable for all patients and only the surgeon can determine if it is appropriate.