Breast Reconstruction

The nipple and areola area

Reconstruction of the nipple and areola areaafter mastectomy

Requesting a nipple and areola reconstruction is absolutely legitimate after amastectomy. Once the breast volume and shape have been reconstructed, it is advisable to carry out a nipple and areola reconstruction.
The operation can be carried out once the reconstructed breast volume is considered stable.
Plaque aréolo-mamelonnaire Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée

There are several areola reconstruction techniques:

  • Total skin graft: ideal for a lasting and natural result
  • Tattoo: it is the easiest technique but tattoos often tend to fade

There are also several techniques to reconstruct the nipple:

  • Contralateral graft: this procedure does not leave a trace and does not impact areola sensitivity 
  • Local flaps: restores a central nipple relief

The reconstruction of the nipple and areola area is never compulsory and some women will be satisfied with only a volume reconstruction.

Nevertheless this simple reconstruction allows a better integration of the reconstructed breast in the patient’s personal psychological scenario.