Breast Surgery

Breast ptosis

You can reshape your sagging breasts (ptosis) with the breast lift.

The aesthetic surgery of the breast ptosis (breast lift) aims to put the areola and nipple in a good position to refocus and to ascend the gland and remove excess skin to obtain two harmonious breasts , nicely curved and ascended.

The breast ptosis is defined by subsidence of the gland and a distension of the skin that surrounds it. The breast is too low and, more frequently "uninhabited" in its upper part.

The breast ptosis can exist at once but occurs most often after significant weight loss or following pregnancy with breastfeeding. 

Ptose mammaire Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée
Ptose mammaire Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée

 It may be:

  • Isolated, it is called ptosis pure
  • Associated with a certain degree of breast hypertrophy

We can, by contrast, see a breast ptosis in the context of a too small breast (hypoplasia or breast hypotrophy ).

Cosmetic surgery for cure breast ptosis ( breast lift ) is to reshape the breast by acting on the skin envelope and the glandular tissue. The gland is concentrated and placed in a good position.

You must then adjust the skin envelope, which requires removing excess skin, so as to ensure a good performance and a beautiful form the new breast.

These actions allow to replace the areola and nipple that were located too low.