Baldness Surgery


Hair loss is an important complex in man and woman.

The hair micro-grafts can restore some hair density with a natural look. Surgery of baldness (hair transplant) has made significant progress in recent years.

The principle is always the same, namely take hair in the region of the crown, in which it is assured that they will never fall, to transpose in the area of the forehead and tonsure.

In order to improve implant placement and quality, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is systematically pre- and post-operative.

Calvitie Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée

Currently, four types of techniques may be used:

  • Micrografts (A slight intevention and which is carried out localeil anesthesia is the technique used in over 90% of cases ).
  • The flaps (The only process that allows at once to make a strong hair density in the frontal region).
  • Reductions tonsure (It finds all its interest in the area of the tonsure and in patients with good elasticity of the scalp.)
  • The lifting of the scalp (it could cover some large balding in 2 operating time only)


Calvitie Chirurgie Esthétique Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée

All these methods can be combined in the same patient. It should carefully analyze each case and know take into account several parameters:

  1. The importance of baldness
  2. The flexibility of the scalp
  3. The quality of hair
  4. The desire of the patient
  5. The patient's age and scalability of baldness

Will be deducted from these parameters the most suitable strategy for each case.Your surgeon will have experience of all these techniques for you the best advice.