Objectif détox

We remember the face we had on December 31:
Fresh, radiant, and ready to celebrate as it should this passage towards
A new year.

The good resolutions are already almost forgotten, but if there are
Had one to keep it would be that of detox to regain a skin
Free from imperfections and above all a better vitality.

Food is an integral part of our lives, but so suddenly
A detox allowed to put the organism in parentheses in order to
Recharge by putting our time in rest?

Is it possible, however, between two scrapers and two glass of wine?
First of all to keep fit, bet on breakfast. Donkey
Especially not jumping as this is the most important meal. You
Advises to refuel with detox juices or
Smoothies prepared by a juice extractor at the last minute, to
An energy gain in the morning!

Did you know that seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables contain
Up to 40% more vitamins and minerals than fruits from
trade ?

To keep fit throughout the day, think about your snacks.
Here also, integrate fruit according to your desires.

But if you had to keep one, it would be lemon. Its high content
Vitamin C and its alkalizing property, will take care of your
intestine. By squeezing the juice of half a lemon into lukewarm water,
Consumed in the morning, fasting you can easily palliate the acidity
Of a dish too rich.

The detox makes it possible to put the liver at rest, since when it saturates, it
Generates tiredness, headaches, heaviness,
Transit, nausea, bad breath, dull complexion …

It is for this reason that, on the contrary,
(Vegetables, fruits …), and avoid acidic foods (refined sugars
Dairy products, white cereals, etc.). ”

During a nutritional consultation at LA Clinique Esthétique des
Sables d’Olonne we advise to take the product “UltraClear”
Which helps to support liver and kidney detoxification. Moreover, this
Product has an anti-free radical action.

It is perhaps not a coincidence that the Chinese consider the liver
As the major organ of bodily harmony …

And if suddenly the winter turns into a relaxing period,
Synonymous with return to the essential, lightness … breathe!

The Clinique Esthétique des Sables d’Olonne is there to ensure …