Month: October 2016


Lifting : why he tries women again?


After losing his popularity rating with women for many years, the lift takes up the ranks. “I’ve never practiced much,” says Dr. Philippe Kestemont, plastic surgeon of the face and neck. Of course, this key that opens the door to all hopes of rejuvenation continues to fantasize about women. This comeback, he must above all the progress of his former rival, aesthetic medicine.

Source: Le Figaro

Beauty Care: 11 new marked for you

New techniques come to doctors and cosmetic surgeons. Overview of the best and craziest.

The pros injections welcome every day of the revolution Botox an incomparable product to smooth wrinkles of the upper face and crow’s feet. All praise the benefits of the hyaluronic acid, filling the queen molecule. However, laboratories and manufacturers continue to look for other rejuvenating nuggets. The market for medical and surgical aesthetic is thriving with 7.3% growth in 2014 (source IMCAS 2015). And even if the knife guard its prerogatives to correct sagging, for example with the facelift, many researchers dream of finding medical treatment that supplants surgery, especially for the body. Innovations therefore not lacking, consistent and more risky. We selected the most promising, some of which are already practiced by doctors, but have yet to prove themselves.

Understanding these eating disorders

Researchers at the general public, nutritional information is relayed, amplified and often distorted by many players.

The lobbies. By dint of well-chosen studies (ie not necessarily the most relevant), defend ranchers, dairy, meats, wine growers or trademarks of cornflakes or yoghurt. As long as the consumer knows where the information came from, why not? But lobby groups argue brands or masked by creating expert groups “independent” to spread their good word, or even a genuine disinformation. To counter the work on obesity which questioned the role of soft drinks, Coca-Cola has financed a group of experts, the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN), who communicated very scientific way the lack of sport and overeating to better minimize the impact of damning studies sodas. The GEBN put the key under the door in November 2015, a few months after the New York Times unveiled the pot to the roses.